Third Quarter Updates

No, this is not a stock report, and yes, I realize that showing pictures of things that are kind-of-finished-but-not-all-the-way-finished makes the final result a little anti-climactic, but I am getting excited so I can’t help but share a little of our progress.

Everything is still dirty–make that filthy–but at least the kitchen actually looks pretty kitchen-y, and the bathroom is looking highly bathroom-y.  Don’t even get me started on how mudroom-y our mudroom looks.

The picture above is of the outside of the porch-mudroom area from the second story window.  The window screen makes it look kind of wonky, but hopefully you can still get an idea of what’s happening out there.  Lattice, begone!  New windows, siding, and light fixtures have been installed.  We’re still adding a small deck area and changing the location of the stairs, but all in good time, my friends.

OK, I’ll calm down and just post a bunch of pictures below.


The inside of the side-porch / mudroom area is actually totally FINISHED (minus the blue tape I just noticed).  I am so excited about how it turned out–especially the tile!


The hallway bathroom is getting close!  It just needs paint, the re-glazed sink, the glass shower surround, and the “seat,” as our contractor politely calls it. The shelf on the far left was one we took out of another bathroom in the house and painted white–nice to use what we already had!


Here’s the future laundry room. This shelf is also one that was in another part of the house, just with a fresh coat of paint.  I think all this room actually needs is our washer and dryer, but the “funny” thing we realized today is that the doorway into this area is insanely small…soooo…anyone out there able to rebuild a washer and dryer once they’re disassembled?!  I mean you try to think of everything beforehand but…


Behold the new door out to the back porch and the little pantry area beside it.  This tile ls the same style that we used in the laundry / half bath area, and we still are having cabinets installed on the wall to the far right of the pantry room for more storage, but so far, so good.


OK, I’m getting excited again, but I’ll try to simmer down and not make crazy long captions.  Here’s a view of the kitchen from maybe three days ago.  Counter tops-check! Back splash, check!  Shelf brackets-almost check! (two more sets will go above the ones installed). Stove and dish washer-check check! Bar top across the far widow-check!


Speaking of the bar top area, I’m kind of obsessed with it.  It’s at standard bar top height (42′) and is 72′ wide, so about three bar stools will fit under.  So excited to still have this pretty view outside the window!  counter-close-up

OK, this is the last one I’ll post of the bar top, but isn’t it cool how they notched it in to fit with the window trim?

kitchen shelves.jpg

Shelves were installed today!  The highest ones are HIGH UP, but I still think it looks good in proportion to the ceiling height. We’ll just get a ladder and also never put anything important up there, nbd.  We still need to finish the vent for the hood, but not long now!


Here’s a close up of the finished back splash.  There was some discussion and rampant side-eye about how far the tile should go up, but I think it worked out for everyone (I got my way, so I feel like everyone wins in the long run…).  I mean, tall ceilings = tall back splash, right?  It’s simple science, guys.


I mean, is there ANYTHING worse than deciding where a fridge should go in a kitchen?  Especially a kitchen that was built when refrigerators weren’t even invented?!  Nope, there’s not.  But at least this one is hidden by bead board.  Sneaky, eh?


Last but not least is my pal, the kitchen fireplace.  I had to fight to keep him in the plans, because let’s be honest, we don’t actually need a kitchen fireplace.  But he’s going to look so snazzy.  We still need to add small hex-tile and some plate holders above the “mantle,” but he’ll be looking sharp soon, my friends.

OK, that’s a wrap for the third quarter update.  Still lots to go, but we’re hoping to finish strong in the all-important fourth quarter.  One day soon, I hope to be able to touch surfaces in my own kitchen without needing a baby wipe after, to let my daughters roam around without telling them to watch out for nails, glass, or old cigarette butts, and to use our restroom without having to hover (ladies, you know what I’m taking about).

Stay tuned to see if my pipe dreams are fulfilled.

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